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After a 10 year showing hiatus, I've finally had a chance over the past year to start live showing again. I've been meaning to toss up a page with some of my live show string horses and their placings, so here it is! I only tend to live show 2-3 times a year, but I photo show monthly through IMEHA and will be joining a few other photo shows soon. I will be attending Breyerfest this year as well, so pictures from that show will be up after I return. Below are a few pictures of some of our latest live show placings.

Peanuts And Ponies 2017

Pictures and placings will be updated after Big Orange Bash 2017 because I am lazy and the show string is packed for BOB XD

Breyerfest 2016

Top Row: DWS Phantom Of The Opera (Div Champion), DWS Evenstar, DWS Calamity Django, DWS Brouillard du Marlette, DWS Perriwen, DWS Inkberry, DWS Kiss A Buck.

Middle Row: DWS Beam Me Up Scottie, DWS Folk Song, DWS Return To Innocence, DWS Windigos Midnight Jewel, DWS Ceylon Dimbula, DWS Past Life Melodies, DWS Clary Sage.

Bottom Row: DWS Helms Deep, DWS Trial By Stone, DWS Xian Mythology, DWS Brass Star, DWS Topsy Turvy, DWS Lime Light, DWS Dusty, DWS Acantha Pirate, DWS Carnivale.

Big Orange Bash 2016

Top Row: DWS Warhol, DWS Acantha Pirate, DWS Queenscourt Berkshire, DWS Onomatopoeia.

Middle Row: DWS Trial By Stone, DWS Nightshade, DWS Carnivale.

Bottom Row: DWS Almost Hassle Free, DWS Nightfall, DWS Inkberry, DWS Amaretto Latte.

Top Row: DWS Brouillard du Marlette, DWS Sunkissed By Design, DWS Return To Innocence.

Middle Row: DWS Trouble Brewing, DWS Al Ashad Asad.

Bottom Row: DWS Bloodstone, DWS Sasparilla, DWS Pompeii, DWS Uncharted Waters.

Top Row: DWS Rickets Foley, DWS Windigos Midnight Jewel, DWS Arthas Tears, DWS Xian Mythology.

Middle Row: DWS Rock Is Dead, DWS Jasper Ridge Benvolio, DWS Cool Britannia, DWS Queenscourt Rotherham.

Bottom Row: DWS Prairie Dawn, DWS Dying Sun, DWS Juxtaposition, DWS Gretzky, DWS Sneak Preview.

Top Row: DWS Kiss A Buck, DWS Beam Me Up Scottie, DWS Contessa Del Cardo.

Middle Row: DWS Prescott, DWS Cookies N Cream.

Bottom Row: DWS Ouija, DWS Por Favor.

Top Row: DWS Clementine, DWS Unchained Heart.

Bottom Row: DWS Phantom Of The Opera, DWS Sugar Foot, DWS Dash Of Class.

Top Row: DWS Badri, DWS The Mad Hatter, DWS Helms Deep.

Middle Row: DWS Muireall, DWS Topsy Turvy, DWS Arcadia.

Bottom Row: DWS Cherries Jubilee, DWS Por Favor, DWS Chips Ahoy, DWS Perriwen.

Division Champion: DWS Badri

Division Reserve Champion: DWS Helms Deep

Division Reserve Champion: DWS The Mad Hatter

Breyerfest 2015

Top Row: DWS Trixter Gee, DWS Kiss A Buck, DWS Sin City, DWS Ceylon Dimbula, DWS Lime Light, DWS Alistair Cookie, DWS Bloodstone, DWS Dying Sun, DWS Baron Von Vaderham, DWS Prairie Dawn, DWS Marla Hootch.

Bottom Row: DWS Past Life Melodies, DWS Whistling Dixie, DWS Woodstock, DWS Folk Song, DWS Othello, DWS Patent Pending, DWS Tinkerbell, DWS Nashville, DWS Dash Of Class, DWS Dusty, DWS Marmalade Lady.

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